.: Polygonal Rifling Specialists

We use 416R  stainless steel and our rifling shape is a series of arcs instead of square corners, as in the traditional style of Enfield rifling. This arc shaped rifling has long been held in very high regard for its accuracy, increased velocity, reduced gas cutting and ease of cleaning.  Here you can see the difference between classic Enfield rifling compared to the 5 land and 3 land polygonal rifling.

Product Development and testing

We use steel from one of the nations largest steel suppliers.We have an ongoing inspection process as a proactive quality control measure on our products. Our quest is to provide the best products we can and not miss an opportunity to learn along the way.

-We purchase certified material and keep certifications on file.
-We record material lot numbers and track each piece of steel through the entire manufacturing process.
-We mark each barrel near the extension with our name, the lot number and the inspectors stamp.
-We perform magnetic particle inspections and other non-destructive testing
-We randomly employ destructive testing methods

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Custom Laser Engraving Now Available

BHW is proud to offer our customers the chance to add their own special touch to their BHW barrel. Custom laser a fovorite phrase, your name, business logo or have a graphic made especially for you.

$25- Just text and/or base graphic, Police and/or military Logos. Customer's choice of placement (Top of barrel , shooter's right, shooter's left or both sides) Click here to see some current base graphics!

**Note on Police logos-- Customer must provide a letter of approval form the department in question on official letterhead along with the graphic before we will approve its placement. This is out of Respect for our LEOs and those who may not wish to have their logos on civilian builds.

$40- Customer supplied graphic or Logo (includes any text to add, set up and small modifications to a design.) Customer's choice of placement (Top of barrel , shooter's right, shooter's left or both sides). +$25 for each additional barrel using the same design.

**NOTE: If you are not the creator of the graphic you must provide that you have permission to use it. That includes any clipart or images found online. Most websites provide a terms of use notice for copyright images or fair use rules for Royalty Free images. Copyright laws can be confusing, so if you are unsure or have a question about a graphic's usage rules, please let us know and we'd be happy to help!

$75 starting rate for custom designs. This to have your own artwork custom designed by our in house illustrator and laser tech. Custom art is by quote and can increase for more complex designs. Contact us directly by phone or email for your own free quote.

All artwork must be approved by the customer before it is put on their barrel. Our artist will try to provide a proof on one of our barrels when she has the material to do so.

Common components that laser successfully have been polycarbonate, steel, aluminium, and harder plastic materials like Magpul P-Mags, dust covers, handguards, charging handles and upper receivers. Due to the wide variety of materials that gun parts can be composed of there can be limitations to what we can laser. Please contact us directly for individual pricing options and information about the desired component to be lasered! Help us make your build something truly special!

New Shirts are Here!

New Black Hole Weaponry shirts are now available for $14.99! We have sizes Large-4X on hand and ready to ship. Hats are also $14.99, available in both black and tan. Sport your love for BHW and the AR15 platform. Contact us by phone and get yours today.

If you have product questions or concerns, just let us know. You will find our staff eager and willing to quickly help you. Just click on the Contact Us link in the Main Menu.